NIH ORIP releases Monarch Overview video

Funded by the National Institute of Health’s Office of Research Infrastructure Programs (ORIP), the Monarch Initiative is the biomedical research community’s most comprehensive cross-species phenotype information resource, delivering powerful computational phenotypic tools.

To communicate the power of Monarch to a wide audience, ORIP has produced a short (three-minute) video that introduces the Monarch Initiative and shares an example of how to use our website to help you interpret the results of phenotypic analyses and apply them to disease diagnosis.

Watch the video below or find it at

Learn more about the Monarch Initiative on our website at, and more about what you can do with the resources and tools we generate by browsing this collection of articles in PubMed. Reach out to us with questions about Monarch, its data, usage, software, or services, by creating a ticket on our helpdesk issue tracker.



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Monarch Initiative

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