Introducing the Monarch Initiative’s Scientific Advisory Board

Monarch Initiative
1 min readAug 15, 2023


The Monarch Initiative is a leader in essential global standards for biomedical research and semantic data integration technologies. Our initial goal was to leverage “all the phenotype data” from across organisms and sources to improve rare disease diagnostics. Over the years, this mission has expanded and Monarch resources and integrated data have become foundational in many downstream applications and contexts.

A priority of the Monarch Initiative is to base all research activities on sound scientific data, analyses, and interpretations. We recently established our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), which will allow Monarch to receive constructive advice from recognized leaders across the spectrum of biology, clinical and translational science, and bioinformatics. Their input will help us continue to improve our strategic plan and promote uptake of our resources.

We are grateful to the members of the Monarch SAB, shown below, for their contributions:

Elissa Chesler (Jackson Laboratory)

Michael Hoffman (University of of Toronto)

Kent Lloyd (University of California Davis)

Heidi Rehm (Broad Institute)

Susheel Varma (Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), UK)

Matthew Wheeler (Stanford University)

Jason Williams (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)



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